Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Of course, you can always feel free to contact me any time with any questions you may have. But if you are new to lash extensions, the following may be helpful.

I guarantee if you come see me, your experience will be amazing!

1How long do my lash extensions last? What are fills?
A lash extension can last the life of your natural lash up to 6 weeks. However, during a fill appointment we remove any wayward or grown out lash extensions to help maintain the integrity & health of the natural lash and add new lash extensions to any lost extensions to keep them looking uniform and beautiful as is the standard of The Diva Esthetics.

I ask that all new clients return at 2 weeks to do my personal quality control and ensure that the client is happy and no issues have arisen. After that it depends on the client and their lifestyle and sometimes location as I have clients that drive hours 1 way for their fills and I always try to work with what is best for my clients. The majority of clients are 3 week fills. I can do up to 4 weeks but lash shedding is more likely to occur during longer stretches and there will be more work and product involved which may drive the fill price up more.
2Can I use Mascara?
The most wonderful thing about lash extensions is, preferrably you won’t feel the need to wear mascara ever again! No muss, no fuss. It is a great alternative for clients who have makeup struggles and intolerances.

If a client still feels like they still like to have a little bit of mascara on. I would only allow if it is the CLASSIC lash exensions with an approved, extension safe mascara as, if applied to volume or hybrid lashes they would ‘clap’ those beautiful custom made fans closed and nullify the work and look of your lashes.
3Can I swim and work out?
YES! Preferably waiting 24 hours is recommended as the longer the time getting your lashes wet, the more likely the longer the retention of your lashes.

Please wear goggles for swimming and always be gentle but absolutely, still resume your life with passion!
4Can you fill lashes done by another salon/ lash artist?
Generally speaking, the answer is no. All Lash Artists have all been trained by different companies and there is such a variety of products it is nearly impossible to blend other work without basically (if not absolutely) removing and starting fresh, which isn’t fair to your new lash artist for time, product and experience.

That being said, The Diva Esthetics never wants to punish their clients for going elsewhere first and will ALWAYS try to work with clients wishing to come to me. If I don’t think I need to do a removal first I won’t. But I will advise that the retention may not be optimal the first time as there may be a slight leftover residue from the previous adhesive that may interfere with my product. In which case again, I will insist that the client come back at 2 weeks for my quality control.
5What special care do they need?
Luckily, there is minimal care to them. Yay! You will recieve a brush at your appointment to brush them out every morning. After showering or washing your face, please let them air dry and separate them with the brush.

You can clean them with a diluted baby shampoo or there is special lash cleansers for purchase at the Studio. I also highly recommend a fanned brush that we carry to get right down to the lash base and it gets in between those lashes well.

No rubbing of your eyes and care when sleeping is required. Try to sleep on your back, if you must sleep on your side, please ensure your pillow does not touch your lashes. Treat yourself to a luxurious silk pillow case as well if you like for optimal sleep care.
6How long is my appointment?
I book 90 mins for a new Classic set application.

2 hours for a new Hybrid or Volume set application

Fills are generally 45 min to 1 hour appointments. Perfect for busy women on their lunch breaks.