How Volume Lashes Provide Fullness Without Damaging Your Natural Lashes

Volume Lashes
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December 14, 2018
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Lash Fan

Volume lashes are beautiful, lightweight, and customized completely to you using Volume Fans. I make these for each application from fine lash extensions. On every visit, I assess the health of each individual natural lash to determine the amount of volume you can attain. This is the difference that coming to a Professional Lash Artist makes! 

Professional Lash Artists care about the health of your lashes and make sure that extensions of any volume are only applied if your natural lashes can handle it. You shouldn’t need to “take breaks” from your lashes.

We are partners in the health of your lashes. It is my responsibility as much as my clients in maintaining optimal lash health! I am very proud to say that I have had clients coming to me for almost 7 years now without breaks or damage. 

That is why it is important to research and interview your potential Lash Artist. Check on their training, certifications and reviews. 

Your lashes should make less work for you – not more!